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Ear Piercing at Pamper Me Do Beauty Salon in Ferndown

The Caflon System is the most widely recognized ear piercing system in the world!

You can have your ears pierced by the Pamper Me Do beauty salon by a professional and qualified beautician.

These treatments are carried out at a Northbourne salon - please call 07368 554587 for an appointment.

The salon uses the Caflon ear piercing system that is the most widely recognised ear piercing system in the world.

Please note that under 16's will need parent's consent.


You have the choice of 24ct gold plated studs or 9ct gold studs. The cost of piercing also includes a bottle of cleaning solution.

Piercing Caflon/Needle


  • Nipple £30 both £50
  • Ear lobe £25 both £40
  • Ear cartilage helix £30
  • Tragus £30
  • Anti tragus £30
  • Conch £30
  • Daith £30
  • Snug £30
  • Rook £30
  • Industrial £30
  • Eyebrow £30
  • Nose £30
  • Bridge £30
  • Septum £30
  • Navel £35 free change
  • Tongue £35 free change
  • Surface piercings £30
  • Dermal piercings £25

After Care

  • Thoroughly wash hands before touching your ear or studs
  • Swab the front and back of the ear lobe twice each day with Caflon Natural (do not remove the studs)
  • After each swab turn each stud a quarter turn to left then to the right. Repeat 2 or three times. By turning just 90 degrees back and forth will prevent hair from wrapping around the post.
  • Keep stud dry in between cleaning
  • Avoid contact with soap, shampoo and all hair products
  • After washing hair the ear shoud be rinsed with clean water
  • Remove or handle studs unless absolutely necessary or if cleaning
  • Move the clip towards the ear. The clip should sit near the end of the post to allow the stud to remain loose during the healing period
  • Remove before 6 weeks (12 weeks for cartilige - e.g. upper ear)
  • Use loop or other style of earrings apart from post and clip for the first 6 months after being pierced
  • Use any post unless it's made of stainless steel or hypo-allergenic material.